By way of definition, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an extension of the internet and other connection protocols to devices or “things” while affording them a higher degree of computing and analytical capabilities. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and big data will make people more aware of their world. As a direct consequence, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will begin to see widespread adoption in the services sectors of the Oil & Gas & Energy Industries.

I hope the readers can appreciate that if we’re not thinking about the future TODAY, then we’ll simply never make it as a progressive business enterprise, nor will anyone else who comes loaded with traditional/established baggage.

I’m convinced that, excluding wars and pestilence, future business (local/regional/global) will center around what’s now referred to as the Industrial Internet of Things, when any product or service becomes cloud-available, GLOBALLY. For some products and services this will take decades, but for others it’s not so far away…. like engineering design, online education, international supply chain products…. all fundamental aspects of TODAY business enterprise.

Coupled with this fast trend towards the IIoT is a parallel one (albeit a much slower one) towards a 3L initiative …. Life Long Learning. According to UN reports, by 2050 (30 years from now)  many people will be living to 90 years of age, and likely to have had to change careers at least three times, hence learn 3 new skill sets along the way (roughly divided <35yrs, 35-60yrs, >60yrs) – maybe with one supporting the other ; perhaps with the final one being in education in some form or another (paying back, to earn say +200% of net living expenses in return).

This is the future that awaits all of us – my assessment. To be involved in it from the start is exciting, if you can see the big picture, and to have a (3yr cyclic) plan that reflects such fundamental changes to life and the pursuit of happiness must surely be permanently on target. But like all good things that come with intrinsic progress, they also come at the expense of some personal blood, sweat and tears ….no pain, totally no gain. We can dispense with the blood, tears being optional, but looking to our young ones to shed the sweat (both mentally and physically) towards something to be proud of….to employ your individual skill set(s) under a growing and globally connected community.

It’s all achievable, though it will take years rather than days. But how long it takes is up to us ONLY. It won’t be as a consequence of any world economic hiccup, or national infrastructure difficulty, but it will be directly linked to how we’ll use our own time and improve our own skills to get us to where we all want to be – a sustainable future.

Just a thought …

By Chuck Umeh ~ Managing Director